MISK Nursery

MISK Nursery in Level Kids Dubai

MISK nursery is a contemporary interiors brand founded by Dr. Dala Kakos that combines “modern design with a heritage heart” to create high-quality and beautiful looking furniture for the little ones in our lives. Derived from the Arabic, MISK has two origins, musk, an ancient gift of kings and its literal meaning, “to hold”, each inspiring timeless beauty and comfort in their products. Catering to the woman of today who appreciates art, originality and good design while ensuring care and safety for her children, MISK nursery offers unique, handmade cribs with exquisite mother of pearl detailing and elegant calligraphy in each piece. Each crib is handcrafted by an exemplary team of third-generation master woodworkers who combine heritage skills with modern tools. The cribs are then adorned with timeless designs or words, using print and signature calligraphy font, created especially for the brand by a London-based master calligrapher and artist. Combining the color and font choice makes each crib uniquely customizable for every client. MISK’s workshop features customized moulds for the cribs, allowing the artisans to follow the crib shape when carving the client’s chosen wood. The crib is then decorated with the laser-cut mother of pearl. The wood is varnished, or painted then varnished, all using chemical-free paints. The end result is a structurally strong yet beautiful crib with modern lines and details. Breaking away from traditional box shapes, MISK nursery cribs come with softer silhouettes. The brand changes its designs annually, and also works with different artists for limited edition organic cotton bedding sets every year. Every detail is considered and offered to ensure efficient service, such as the organic and handmade Naturalmat mattresses custom-shaped for the line’s cribs. The brand ethos is deeply embedded in high quality, family, heritage, modernity, love and art which is evident in the care and meticulous attention to detail in each style.