Lena Abdoo is fascinated by the world of children, by their spontaneity devoid of rules and structures of the adult society, those burdens that push us away from our true playful essence. A designer and an artist too, endowed with an active spirit in search of tactile and emotional experimentation, Lena graduated in Fine Arts and specialized in painting, to suddenly become a 'shoe shaper'. A video on an Indian shoemaker seen on YouTube and a piece of leather from a skirt found in her mother's wardrobe, is what stimulated her to create her first pair of leather baby shoes. With amazement Lena discovered herself to be a craftswoman. This is where 'Sonatina' started, an experience that brought her closer to that childhood realm which is the starting point for many painters, where drawing is free from academic constrictions, where painting melts in matter, just as only a child can do.