Nursery and Gift Registry

Little Treasures, on our second floor, is our little haven for newborn gifting. Whether you’re looking for great gift ideas, thoughtful keepsakes, or even luxury jewelry and decorative items, Little Treasures is the place to be! You can also ask our staff to help you create the most adorable gift hampers!

Every occasion is a good reason! You can set up a gift registry for a baby shower, your newborn, your kids’ birthdays and more! Our specialists will guide you through it; and when family and friends visit us, we will do our best to make sure they have a smooth experience.

Planning the arrival of your little one can be overwhelming in many ways; that’s why we came up with a list of essentials for you to download and keep. Our team is also fully equipped to support you throughout your journey; whether it’s in picking out your essentials, setting up your gift registry or even styling your baby!

You Nursery Essentials Checklist is Here!

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