5 Great Ways for New Daddies to Bond with their Babies

New Daddies are often faced with the overwhelming feelings of excitement and new expectations; and since the mother faces the more obvious physical and lifestyle changes, expecting dads are often left with a confusion on how they can be effective and build a relationship with their newborn.

Need some inspiration on how to bond with your little one? Here are 5 great ways for new daddies to bond with their babies:


Yes, a simple cuddle can go a long way! Skin-to-skin cuddles are soothing for both you and the baby; so, don’t forget those cuddles.

Share the feeding

Taking a feeding shift allows you to share great moments of bonding with your baby! You can practically see their feeling of security in their eyes. That’s not it; by taking shifts to feed, you’re also being a great support for the mommy, giving her some much appreciated me-time.

Talk to Your Baby

What you say doesn’t really matter for as long as it’s positive and familiarizes your baby with how you communicate. It may feel like you’re talking to yourself at first, but you will soon start to see your little one’s reactions and it will all seem very normal.

Play Everyday

Newborns enjoy playtime just as much as older kids. Regardless of your style, the baby will enjoy it. Make some time to play with your little one every day.

Mirror their Actions

Mirroring their movements and echoing their tones is the first step to communicating with them. Keep doing that and you will quickly feel your bond growing stronger.

Parenting experts are continuously advising new parents to set a routine that helps them both cope with the stress. It’s all overwhelming, but you should know that it gets easier when you try.