Great Travel Ideas for Every Parent!

It takes a lot of planning and hard work for you to make a vacation happen and the last thing you want is for your little ones not to be in sync with your plan; we know! That’s why we came up with 3 great ideas for you to keep them engaged throughout the flight while you set the tone to fully enjoy your well-deserved vacation.


All-in-One Binder

Keep your little one busy by building up excitement around the trip. Make an all-in-one binder by compiling materials that educates, entertains and sets expectations around your trip. Great material could include:

  • Trip Itinerary
  • Pre-purchased tickets
  • Fun facts about the destination
  • Fun facts about the culture of the country that you’re visiting
  • Activity Books
  • Popular dishes from their Cuisine

Personalized Coin Bank

Let your artsy little one design and customize a coin bank that they can carry along with them. This coin bank can be used to encourage and reward good behavior, patience, courtesy to others, and even accomplishments like reading a book or solving a riddle.

Have enough coins to last you throughout the flight, and let them spend the contents of the coin bank on souvenirs from the vacation.

Prepare for Sleep Time!

We all know how cranky a little one gets when tired and sleepy; that’s why we highly recommend JetKids, which is a ride-on suitcase and a bed, all-in-one; made for children up to 7 years old. It’s a great solution to provide comfort for your child during a trip and an excellent way to avoid a jet lag when you reach your destination!

Take a look at a few ways in which JetKids can be used while travelling and ask our staff to show you a demo in our store.Jetkids 1