How to care for your child’s hair

Detangling those knots and tangles can be a traumatic experience for many parents; we know! That’s why we decided to scope out the best ways to make your child’s hair care experience as smooth as possible.

Buy the right products. Visit the second floor in our store and ask our staff for assistance while you browse our range of hair care products.

Here’s your shopping list:

  • Wide-toothed Comb
  • Hot Tot’s Conditioning Detangler
  • Hair Clip

Preparation will save you A LOT of trouble. Gather supplies in advance to ensure that the process goes quickly and without interruptions.

  1. Section the top half of your child’s hair off and pin it up with a hair clip. Small sections are best. Start with the hair closest to the neck.
  2. Spray the hair with Hot Tot’s Conditioning Detangler. A little goes a long way.
  3. Begin combing. Start with the end of the strands and work towards the scalp. Use your free hand to hold the section of hair to minimize tugging and discomfort. Short strokes are best, as they will help prevent hair breakage.
  4. As each piece is free of knots, add a bit more from the section in the clip. Repeat the process until your child’s tresses are tangle free.

Prevent future problems by keeping hair clean and using Hot Tot’s Conditioner daily. A loose braid or a pony tail can help prevent knots at night and make the morning routine much easier. These tips work wonders for both wet and dry hair and therefore, can be used in the morning and before bedtime.

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