Interview with Dima Ayad

Why have you chosen Level Kids to introduce an exclusive children’s collection?

Level Kids is the most desired destination for children featuring a plethora of brands. To build on Dima Ayad kids, we wanted a trusted luxurious destination – Level Kids

How would you describe this collaboration?

This collaboration is cute, heartwarming, and it really expanded my horizons to think of creating a kids line.

Why did you choose these particular pieces to replicate as part of the mini-me trend?

I thought this piece was girly and ideal for special occasions.

What do you think of the Mini Me trend?

I think its genius because little girls love wearing what their mothers wear, and mothers love their girls in pretty things – a match made in heaven!

What inspired you for the design of these pieces?

The inspiration for the season was all about muted undertones with some bling. This blush pink dress is a showstopper!

What’s your message to Level Kids on their 1-year anniversary?

To many more excited enthralling and incredible adventures! Happy Anniversary!