A Fathers Day Special with Khalid al Ameri

How did you feel when Khalifa your first child was born?

I remember this huge feeling of happiness come over me, you can’t really control it, I was crying, it’s like I wanted to go to the highest building and tell the world how amazing I felt that my wife and I had brought a little angel into this world, it was the greatest day of my life.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a dad?

Managing time, but once you are aware of your priorities life as a father becomes less challenging. For me being a part of my kids daily lives is a priority, I try and build my professional and personal life around that.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a dad?

Watching my kids smile and knowing I’m the reason they’re smiling.

What do you worry about the most?

I used to worry a lot about whether or not I was doing enough for my kids, in terms of their growth and development, however I now believe that what is most important is making my kids happy, and what makes them happy is me being around, playing with them and being part of their lives, nothing more, nothing less. Thinking like that takes away all the unnecessary pressure I would put on myself as a father, and I don’t worry so much.

What do you think their future will look like?

Both my children are creatives (like their dad and mom), my wife and I have already guessed their careers. Khalifa loves to travel and explore the world so we think he is going to be an adventurer or explorer, and Abdullah is not afraid of anything so we think he will be an extreme sports athlete. Whatever they decide to do in life as long as they do what they love and they work hard we will always support them.

Describe fatherhood in three words?

‘’LOVE’’, ‘’MOTIVATION’’, and ‘’TIRING’’