Getting upclose and personal with Nathalie Fanj

Nathalie Fanj is a regional fashion trendsetter and an Instagram style icon, best known for her trendy style. She just melts all hearts when she posts adorable pictures of her son and her new baby bump! We had the pleasure of meeting Nathalie in our store as she joined us in celebrating our 1 year anniversary.

In a Snapshot:

Name: Nathalie Abou Safi Fanj

Hometown: Beirut,  Lebanon

Favorite Designer Brand? Chanel, Vetements

Favorite Holliday: Christmas

Favorite Travel Destination: London


Tell us about your experience as a mom, how does it feel?

Becoming a mother allows you to be able to love from a different part of who you are. This kind of love is entirely different than the love you have for your parents or husband etc.

I feel I have a big responsibly raising a kid but at the same time I feel empowered and invincible!


Do you and your son have a favorite kids designer brand?

We don’t really have a favorite designer brand but we tend to follow the trend and see what suits Mohamad more, it could be a high-end designer piece or just a casual one from the mall.


What’s your favorite item in his closet?

a leather jacket from diesel


What are the top 5 fashion items you believe are essential for Mohammad?

skinny joggings, sunglasses, tshirt, sneakers and a nice  jacket or sweat


How do you describe kids fashion nowadays?

Kids’ clothes are becoming more and more refined, and with that comes added expenses for parents. We can thank Instagram and social media for the increasing emphasis on kids’ clothes. Nowadays we want our kids to look like adults, and get the ‘mini me’ look, not just dress them in a kid-ish way as a norm


What do you most enjoy doing with your family?

I enjoy most having a day out with my family, like hitting the beach or spending a weekend in the mountains and most of traveling all together

Congratulations on your second pregnancy! Are you ready to reveal the name?

I’m not sure yet I’m so confused


How different is your second pregnancy from your first one?

I’ve learnt so much from my first pregnancy that my second one is much easier, i know what to do and what not to, first one you’re always more careful and scared, but the one after you’re more much flexible.


Is there anything that you plan on doing differently with your second child?

I’ve also learnt so much from my experience as a mom, how to take care of a baby, raise a kid, make sure he has everything but at the same time stay disciplined, so whatever i plan to do differently with the second boy, it’s definitely through something i learnt from my first experience to make things better


Do you have any advice for new mothers / mothers-to-be?

My advice for new moms is research a lot to give your baby the best, learn from your own experience and trust your instincts, at the end of the day no one cares more about your baby than you!


What’s a typical day like for you?

A typical day like for me is waking up with Hamoudi to school, working out (if not pregnant), working ( photoshoots, events, etc..), then spending the day with my son until he sleeps then dinner or just chilling with friends. I travel a lot for work, so I don’t have a specific routine.


Describe Level Kids in a few words”

Level kids is the ultimate place for Kids fashion. I think every mom would think of Level kids first when deciding to shop for trendy looks and amazing brands for her kids