New Year’s Resolution: Get Active

Did you know that the most popular new year’s resolutions around the world are related to weight loss and fitness? We know how challenging it is to increase your activity levels; so we found a fun and sustainable way to ease your way into a more active lifestyle with your family!

Schedule It

Find a 1-2 hours slot every alternative day that is suitable for the entire family and make a pact to dedicate those 2 hours for an active activity together.

Mix It Up

Don’t let things get tedious. Pick at least 2 group activities for every month of the year; and communicate them to your children the same way you would if you were going out for play time; this strategy is particularly effective in keeping hyperactive preteens engaged.

There’s no need to overthink it, an activity can be as simple as taking a walk in your neighborhood when the weather is nice or a short swim in hot summer months.

Set up an Activity Space at Home

This is your backup for rainy and busy days. Having an activity space at home will save you time and energy of transportation.

Visit ‘Young Athletes’ on our first floor for some incredible ideas to get active! Explore a variety of products from sports gear and hobbies to building a kids-friendly home gym. Aim to create a ‘mini me’ workout space so you can role-model the perfect workout for your child.

Set a Reminder

There are 100s of free mobile applications designed for group task management; pick a popular one and add your family members on it. This will help you set up automatic reminders and update the schedule whenever you want. If that’s too techy, just write it down on a calendar and hang it on the fridge!