Why Should I Choose Organic Cotton for my Child?


Manufacturers of organic clothing strongly advertise that organic cotton clothing is better to wear, especially for babies and many parents would undoubtedly agree. Here’s why…

Your baby’s skin is smooth, soft and extremely delicate; it’s open pores breathe in a world filled with harmful chemicals and toxins like pesticides and insecticides, and just like most farmed crops in today’s world, cotton is often grown in polluted soil. In fact, conventional cotton accounts for nearly 25% of the insecticides and 10% of the pesticides used throughout the world, although is it grown on only 3% of the total cultivated area!

The production of organic cotton, on the other hand, does not involve the use of chemicals; as a result, it causes fewer allergies, reduces respiratory problems and even smells nicer! This is aside from the many environmental and social responsibility benefits of choosing Organic Cotton.

Shopping for organic cotton is not as difficult, and is often less expensive than many people think. Visit Level Kids and ask our staff to take you through our collection. Enjoy a trendy collection from popular designers like Stella McCartney, contemporary brands like Mini Rodini and socially responsible brands like The Orenda Tribe.