Your Crib is Here to Stay!

All it takes is a glance for anyone to fall in love with MISK Nursery’s beautiful cribs; their catchy designs guarantee a great first impression with everybody who lays eyes on them; but their unique one-of-a-kind curvy design isn’t the only thing that makes it worthy of your investment, each crib from MISK Nursery is a unique piece of art and a timeless piece of furniture!

MISK Nursery Customized Crib

MISK Nursery Customized Crib

A MISK nursery crib is handcrafted by over 20 skilled artisans and craftsmen from the Levant, the wooden crib is highly durable and is guaranteed to pass the test of time; using chemical-free natural hardwood, quality mother of pearl and cutting-edge machinery, each piece is carefully cut by hand to ensure the finest finish for curious baby hands and feet. The cribs are then adorned with calming pictures and words in mother of pearl, designed by a master London-based illustrator and calligrapher.
This romantic mix of modern luxury and deep-rooted heritage defines the ethos of ‘MISK’ – meaning ‘musk’ in Arabic, considered to be an ancient gift of kings, and also ‘to hold.’ Dr. Dala’s crib concept was born from her own struggles when cot-hunting for her first child “Everything was plain white or brown and I was compromising on aesthetics due to the plainness. I wanted my child to have something more unique and beautiful, something colorful and artistic with a mix of modern and heritage design.” And so she and her team set to create traditional yet contemporary cribs to be used from first to last child, and to become family heirlooms.
Breaking away from traditional box shapes, MISK cribs come with softer silhouettes, from the Embrace (with curved edges) to the Surround (an oval-shaped crib) as well as a mini-crib (akin to the bassinet’s half-moon.) Two different kinds of beech wood are offered: natural or French grey.

MISK Nursery also offers customization services where you can order a unique piece, full of life, specially designed for your child and will last in their bedroom through different stages of their childhood. This timeless piece of furniture allows you to change the base height multiple times as your little one grows; and once it’s time to sleep on a bed, the crib can turn into an elegant loveseat, adding a lovely personal touch to the room.

Watch how a MISK nursery crib can live throughout the stages of your little one’s childhood:

MISK Nursery cribs are available to view and to order on our second floor. Our staff will be happy to assist you with more design options and information.